How to Invade in Bloodborne – The Ultimate Guide

Way back when Demon’s Souls introduced its unique multiplayer system gamers were given a choice. They could either engage in jolly cooperation or fulfill Miyazaki’s dream of seeing players get wrecked. Of course, the “hardcore” and diligent gamer will automatically recognize their calling, and Bloodborne continues the tradition of allowing anyone to make another innocent player hate life. Grab your Sinister Bells, because this post is about the most efficient way to invade other people and ruin their day.

There are three areas where chime maidens appear when users are playing online: at the beginning of the Nightmare Frontier, the Nightmare of Mensis, and in Mergo’s loft. They are regular enemies on the map that can be killed, but while they’re alive they will constantly ring their bells, summoning other players who are ringing their sinister resonant bells. The first question is: which of the three areas is best for invading?

The beginning of Nightmare Frontier is a wide area that is littered with annoying debris that can get in your way, but it only has a few enemies, making it a decent place to have a fair fight. But we are not looking for a fair fight, for we are hunting hunters. You might think Mergo’s Loft would be a good candidate, since it has the Shadows of Yarnam and blood-piggies wandering around. However, this chime maiden is terrible at hide-and-seek and is found by most players, thus decreasing the likelihood of you being summoned. Also, since this area is so short, even if your bell does resonate there’s a chance the player you’re invading will run straight to the boss if they’re not there already, and end your invasion.

Chiming bells, chiming bells, chiming all the waaaaay.

The best place to invade is the Nightmare of Mensis. In addition to YOU, here’s a list of other things your victim has to deal with:

-environmental frenzy

-giants flinging boulders at them

-a giant spider + a spider army

-a hostile NPC hunter

-past this hunter is a room with a big death-pit

Lots of things to do and see while you’re in a Nightmare!

As you can see, this area is a nightmare (pun fully intended) for those going through it, and heaven for invaders looking for good times. It also has a high rate of successful invading, and I suspect it’s because a lot of players don’t know where the chime maiden is.

A note: you’ll want to stand exactly where the chime maiden is when ringing your sinister bell. There are a couple of reasons for this:

-when you spawn, you’ll likely be safe because if the chime maiden is alive, then the player hasn’t located her yet

-you’ll immediately see if the spiders have been aggro’d, and this tells you where the player is. If the spiders are still hanging, that means they’re outside OR they’ve activated the first shortcut. If the spiders are on the ground, either the player is fighting Shelob at the choke point or the player has run past them. If the latter, don’t worry because you’ll have time to catch up, especially if they choose to activate the elevator shortcut

It’s likely that when you’re summoned the player will not have reached the spiders yet, because experienced players know where the chime maiden is. This has the added benefit of allowing you to invade someone who is likely experiencing Nightmare of Mensis for the first time. You’ll want to be around level 60-80 to be within the summoning limit of players who are at this point in the game, though I’ve also tried invading when I was level 80+ and 90+ and was still able to invade somewhat frequently. If you choose to invade here when you’re level 90+, it is likely you’ll be facing true newbs who have misplaced their level up points. I don’t know about you, but there is something satisfying when you completely destroy someone online. Also, don’t forget to equip the Corruption Caryll Rune if you’re unlocking all gestures. Might as well stock up on them Blood Dregs if you’re going on an invasion spree.

As for what equipment you should bring, that really is up to you. Blood Rapture runes restore HP after viscerals, so that could help in a prolonged battle (same with Oedon Writhe, which restores QS bullets). The Insight Messenger shop sells Numbing Mist for two insight each. Hitting an opponent with one means they can’t heal for a while, which is super annoying/useful. You should use the weapon you’re most comfortable with, though I am partial to the Blades of Mercy myself. Mobility is always king in my book.

At first I was like:


Then I was like:

002 005

006 007


If, perchance, during your hunting of hunters you begin to feel a little bit guilty, just remember you are only doing what Miyazaki-sama would want. May the good blood guide your way.


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