How to Beat Fallout Shelter

You may be asking: “There’s an end to Fallout Shelter?” Yes, young Padawan, there is an end to all games, from traditional linear games to apps to MMOs. Most of the time it’s when you see the final cutscene, or when you beat the last level on the hardest difficulty; other times it’s getting the Platinum trophy or unlocking all hidden secrets. Being a game with no end goal other than eternal maintenance of your vault, Fallout Shelter falls into the last category. I knew I would be committed when I saw the blank outlines in the Survival Guide. The goal of Fallout Shelter is not to get 200 dwellers or to build the biggest vault (most phones probably couldn’t even handle this), but rather to get every single weapon, outfit, and legendary dweller. This post will talk about the quickest way to achieve that goal.

Exploring the Wasteland

The purpose of your vault should be to prep dwellers for the wasteland. Going out to the wasteland is how you’ll bring back blue-rare weapons and outfits. With this goal in mind, this is why training rooms are important. Endurance and Luck should be your priority in training exploration dwellers. From my observations, higher endurance allows them to go longer without using a Stimpak, and the longer a dweller is out there, the higher chance they have at finding rare items. Luck supposedly plays into that directly.

This doesn’t mean E and L are the only two stats you should be training. Each SPECIAL does something to help your dweller use less Stimpaks. Strength helps them take down monsters they encounter. Perception lets them find shelter and places that might have items/caps. Charisma allows them to tame wild animals, and become friendly with strangers. Intelligence has to do with picking locks and safes. Finally, Agility lets them run away from monsters faster, taking less damage.

Of course, you won’t be sending all your dwellers to the wasteland; some will need to stay behind to guard against threats and run the place. Getting more training rooms earlier allows you to train the appropriate SPECIAL, so that your dweller can specifically be assigned to the Nuka-Cola Bottler or Nuclear Reactor, as well as to produce Stimpaks and RadAways. Specialized dwellers means more efficient resource-mining, which means less dwellers mining, which means more dwellers available for exploring or training to explore.


Lunchboxes are the only way to get legendary characters. Three ways to get them: you get one a week, you can earn them by completing objectives, or you can buy them.

Here’s a list of possible objectives:

-collect x amount of resources/weapons/outfits

-sell/equip x number of weapons/outfits

-level up x number of dwellers

-level up a specific SPECIAL x number of times

-get x number of dwellers dancing, pregnant, or delivered

-merge/upgrade x number of rooms

-send x number of dwellers to the wasteland

-have a dweller explore the wasteland for x number of hours

-stop x number of incident

The most annoying ones are the two that require you to birth new dwellers. It forces you to build extra living quarters and takes training time away from dwellers. Also, the influx of dwellers will put a strain on your resources. You might find yourself short on water and food once the dweller children are born, so be prepared.

Legendary Dwellers

Mr. Burke, my first LD. Got him in one of my first lunchboxes. Bald is beautiful!
Mr. Burke, my first LD. Got him in one of my first lunchboxes. Bald is beautiful!

I recently purchased the 40-lunchbox pack, mostly as a way to pay my dues to the developer for producing a well-engineered and well-presented game. I only got three legendary weapons and three legendary outfits, but zero legendary dwellers (LDs). LDs will be the toughest accomplishment, since it’s purely based on luck.The best thing about buying lunchboxes is getting great equipment for your dwellers to go out and explore more, in my experience.

It’s up to you to determine whether getting all the LDs is worth it. For my part, I’ll probably keep enjoying this game up until my vault is running perfectly with max SPECIALS, with at least all the blue rares attained. In any case, I wish you luck, fellow overseers!


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